Gas prices have finally dropped in most stations in the West Central region, however they still remain one of the highest in the province. The lowest are in Regina where the prices are anywhere from 161.9 to 164.9 cents per litre at the lowest stations. 

Most of the stations in the Rosetown area are 176.9 to 186.9 cents per litre, and in the Kindersley area most of the stations are at 1.76.9 cents per litre.

Co-op gas prices in Kindo Jul 28 22Gas prices at the Co-op in Kindersley as of the afternoon Thursday, July 28. Photo by Devin Brown.

Meanwhile, the lowest in the region are in Delisle, as they sit at 168.9 cents per litre as of Thursday morning.

Most stations in Saskatoon sit anywhere 165.9 to 173.9 cents per litre.

AS of Thursday afternoon, Golden, BC remains the most expensive place in Canada to buy gas with a listed price of 199.9 cents per litre. If you’re in Red Deer, AB, you will find the country’s cheapest gas price at 137.2 cents per litre.