Saskatchewan residents can get back to nature and help gather useful information during the 3rd annual National Backyard Bioblitz. 

The bioblitz runs throughout the weekend and it's easy to participate as Kayla Burak, Engagement Manager for the Nature Conservancy of Canada explains. 

"No matter where you are this weekend whether you are at home or going camping or anywhere in between all you need is INaturalist on your phone which you will get information about when you register. It's just a really great way to get connected with nature which has shown so many benefits for our physical and mental well-being."

Burak adds that by getting to know what's around you, what plants, flowers, and birds, you will feel better and connect with nature and the information is also important to scientists and used across the country. 

Burak explains the importance of the information gathered. 

"If you take a picture of a weed that has never been reported in an area then someone might look at that and say we need to start controlling this before it spreads even further. Or if you photograph a rare flower or a rare bird that's new to the area. That's really good information as well just in terms of population trends."

Once participants register they will receive a step-by-step guide on how to participate, information about species ID, and be entered to win a prize package as well. Burak says that in a couple of weeks participants will be sent a summary of the number of species and unique observations found. 

This is the third year for the event and Burak says that it has been very popular each year. She adds that people like a way to get outdoors and feel a part of something meaningful and be able to make an impact. 

Last year across the country over 36,000 species observations took place. 

To register visit here.