Written by Tara Garcia

A Saskatchewan non-profit out of Swift Current, and Great Plains College have joined together to offer counseling support to students.

Keleah Ostrander, Director of Learner Services and Adult Basic Education with the college explains the new joint venture.

"Great Plains College and Fresh Start have entered into an agreement to provide face-to-face counseling services for students at our college locations. So in-person counseling services will be piloted from November through to the end of February with the potential for renewal if there's uptake for the program."

In addition, Ostrander says that the service is being implemented as part of their overall response to the pandemic and in an effort to navigate complex mental health situations more effectively.

Ostrander provides some insight into the necessity of this program.

"I think students, not unlike the rest of society, have had a lot of challenges during the pandemic and therefore we wanted to add some additional supports that were available to help them navigate those challenges and ultimately be successful in their academic studies."

In response to the joint venture, Ostrander adds that Fresh Start has a fantastic reputation and Great Plains College felt as though the local non-profit could handle the vast geography and the need within and feel that together, they will provide a really great service to students at all campus locations. 

Students wishing to book a session can do by calling Fresh Start at 306-741-0358, or by contacting a Student Advisor at Great Plains College.