There's a new head honcho in the head office over at the Great Plains College in Swift Current.

Great Plains College has selected and elected Brad Mahon as their new president and CEO.

Mahon brings over 25 years of post-secondary educational experience with him to this new position and will be striving to provide students with transformative educational experiences, as well as getting involved with the community surrounding the college, helping to guide the institutions he will be leading to engage in meaningful ways with those they serve.

The faculty and board over at the college are happy to be receiving someone who will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and capabilities to their fold and look forward to working alongside Mahon.

Among those who think he will be a good fit for the college and the community, is Cindy Lowe, board chair for the Great Plains College.

"He is a huge people person and it means a lot to connect with people that he works with to the community," praised Lowe. "I can't wait to introduce him to our partners in Swift Current that we work with and all of our campuses, because he values and prioritizes stakeholders and relationships and community collaboration."

Mahon has experience at Medicine Hat College, the University of Regina, and currently serves as the Dean of Continuing Education at Mount Royal University. His coming to Swift Current will bring with it not just his personable reputation, but also his career's wealth of knowledge in an academic leadership role.

"(Mahon's) philosophy on education to continue helping people learn, gain greater skills and to transfer to employment, really fit with what Great Plains College does," appraised Lowe.

Mahon has already begun the process of moving to town, where he will surely be a fixture of the community in years to come. And not only as an educator but perhaps also using his other talents to become involved in various other aspects of Swift Current's cultural paradigm.

"He's an extremely talented musician and so I told him our arts community will love him because he's a very competent guitarist and contributes as a judge and all kinds of contributions all over Alberta, with the Royal Conservatory of Music," revealed Lowe.

Mahon is set to arrive later this summer and will begin his leadership role by touring all of the Great Plains College campuses across Saskatchewan.