The west-central region has made fantastic progress this week with harvest. The region is now 27 per cent complete harvest, ahead of the five-year average of 15 per cent.

Producers are nearing the completion of fall cereal harvest, with 100 per cent of winter wheat and 98 per cent of fall rye harvested. Producers have turned their focus to getting spring seeded crops into the bin, including barley (36 per cent) and spring wheat (22 per cent). Field peas (70 per cent) and lentils (80 per cent) are also being harvested when ready. Mustard is the primary oilseed being harvested right now, with 35 per cent in the bin.

Scattered showers moved through the region this week, however very few areas got their fill of rain. Outlook recorded the most moisture, with 20 mm being reported. Topsoil moisture in the region continues to be limited. Thirteen per cent of cropland has adequate moisture, 49 per cent is short and 38 per cent is very short. Hay and pastureland have limited moisture. Producers are reporting six per cent of these acres having adequate moisture, 36 per cent short and 58 per cent very short.

Pastures had little moisture or reprieve from the heat this summer. Pasture conditions are poor (41 per cent) to very poor (31 per cent). Fifteen per cent of forage acres went uncut or baled this year due to drought conditions.

Crop damage this past week is due to drought conditions, grasshoppers and some hail. Producers are busy desiccating, combining and swathing. Producers are also hauling water and feed for livestock.

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