As the dry conditions persist in the west-central region, producers have been able to progress through harvest with minimal interruption. Harvest is now 39 per cent complete, ahead of the five-year average of 25 per cent.

Producers in the region have completed their fall cereal harvest. Twelve per cent of fall rye was harvested for greenfeed and/or sileage. Field peas and lentils lead pulse harvest at 81 per cent and 74 per cent. Mustard is at 32 per cent and canola is at complete 15 per cent. Spring cereals have been the focus of harvest this week, with 37 per cent of spring wheat, 35 per cent of durum, 46 per cent of oats and 57 per cent of barley have been harvested.

A few scattered showers moved through the region this week, the Hanley area reporting the most rain received at 25 mm. A slight reprieve was seen in topsoil moisture this week. Eighteen per cent of crop land has adequate moisture, 51 per cent is short and 31 per cent is very short. Nine per cent of hay and pastures have adequate moisture, 37 per cent is short and 53 per cent is very short.

Crop damage this past week is due to drought stress and grasshoppers. Producers are busy desiccating and harvesting, working livestock and hauling water and feed. Producers are hoping for slow, soaking rains once the crops are off to improve soil moisture for the next growing season.

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