Heavy Swift Current City RCMP presence, including the Saskatchewan Emergency Response Team (ERT), stalled traffic in the west central area of Swift Current this morning.

Officers barricaded alleys and roadways around 7th Avenue Northwest and Herbert Street for several hours.

Sergeant Kelly Guider with the Swift Current City RCMP said they were on scene to execute a search warrant for an investigation regarding firearms.

“Due to the involvement of firearms, we've requested the assistance of the ERT, the Emergency Response Team for the province just to come in,” he said. “They were on scene with us this morning to ensure that the execution of the warrant went smoothly. And I can tell you that nobody was injured in any of the ongoings this morning.”

sergeant kelly guider - photo by hayden michaelsSergeant Kelly Guider of the Swift Current City RCMP on scene as roadways were being opened up (photo by Hayden Michaels)

Nearby witnesses reported multiple loud bangs that they suspected to be gunshots, however, on scene Guider confirmed that was not the case.

Two individuals were arrested; however, officers could not detail pending charges at the moment. 

Roughly twenty officers were on site in total, with eight being from Swift Current.   

As of 10:50 a.m., Guider reported that roadways were being opened back up to residents. 

“Obviously the search is ongoing,” he added. “So, we don't know what we've discovered yet.”