Kindersley Town Council adopted the new Traffic Bylaw 12-16 at their meeting on July 18th at the Town Administration Office.

The bylaw creates new restrictions and limits for heavy vehicles (trucks) within the town limits. Heavy vehicles will no longer be permitted south of Railway Avenue on Ditson Drive to the Waste Water Reservoir access road.

A heavy vehicle is considered to be any vehicle, or vehicle with trailer attached, which exceeds a total length of 10.7 metres or a maximum gross weight (including load) exceeding 20,000 kilograms. This bylaw will not apply to recreational vehicles or commercial vehicles with hazard warning lights on, and in the process of loading or unloading goods.

The Traffic Bylaw 12-16 can be viewed in full online at and is also available at the Kindersley Town Administration Office located on 106 5th Avenue East.

Here is a map of the new routes affecting heavy vehicles within the Kindersley town limits.

Photo courtesy from Town of Kindersley.