The latest E-Update from the Town of Kindersley included a reminder on trail etiquette between cyclists and walkers.  

For cyclists, some best practices include wearing a helmet, reflective gear or reflectors on the bike, and regularly maintaining the bike to ensure it is working properly.

When approaching someone who is walking, use a bell or a verbal warning to let the person know you are coming by.

Slowing down when going by and yielding to pedestrians are helpful best practices as well!

For walkers, stay alert to your surroundings, give the bicycles some space as they go by, and if you are listening to music or a podcast (we know true crime makes us walk faster), try only using ONE headphone so you can still hear it if someone calls out to you or rings their bell.

Also noted were the social media summer bingo prize winners, who were James and Charles. 

James and CharlesPhoto of James & Charles via Town of Kindersley

Also noted was a free swim set for this Sunday at the Kindersley Aquatic Centre from 1:30 to 6:30 pm thanks to Inter Pipeline. 

A jam night was recently held at the Kindersley Museum & Tourism Centre with 23 people in attendance. More jam nights will continue every Monday at the Norman Ritchie Community Centre. 

And if you are planning to hold an event for the Goose Festival from September 21 to 24, let the Kindersley Chamber of Commerce know at 306-463-2320 so they can add you to the calendar.

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