UPDATE: 1:15 PM December 28, 2022

The latest update from the Highway Hotline for Highway 7 east of Kindersley is showing that the road has been re-opened, though winter driving conditions are remaining for some poor driving conditions this afternoon.

Find the full update through the link above as Winter Driving Conditions and Travel Not Recommended is still being reported for many parts of West Central.

UPDATE: 8:15 AM December 28, 2022

An update has been provided about the road closure east of Kindersley via the Highway Hotline. 

Closed Highway 7 Dec 28 22Via Highway Hotline

Original Article:

Kindersley RCMP would like to advise the public that Highway #7 west bound approx. 16 km’s east of Kindersley is closed because of a jack-knifed semi trailer unit.

Tow trucks are not able to reach the location to effect removal at this time.

The public is advised to find alternate routes, or to heed Highway Hotline recommendations to not travel in the area because of adverse weather conditions.

If you become stranded on the highway, do not leave your vehicle – other motorists may not be able to see you in adverse conditions.

Make sure your tailpipe remains clear of ice and snow, or carbon monoxide could potentially seep into your vehicle.

Before you travel in winter weather, ensure your vehicle has lots of fuel, you have extra warm clothes, snacks, water and a snow shovel on hand.

Traction mats, a tow rope or chain and a booster cable are also great to keep in your vehicle, as well as a spare phone charger.