Residents in Unity may notice the water is a little different this week. The town will be flushing the hydrants, which is a routine task. Jake Senger, Director of Public Works explains. 

“It's to clean out the hydrants and the lines of any buildup of iron manganese. It cleans them out and makes sure they’re useable.”  

The process will take at least the duration of this week and may have to finish up early next week. No flushing will take place over the weekend. 

As far as the state of the water throughout Unity, Senger mentioned there will be minimal differences, and a small adjustment may be needed if those differences are encountered. 

“It should be very little noticeable to the public because most of our lines are looped. You might have a little discoloration, where they can just leave it, it'll settle out and it'll be fine in a couple hours kind of thing.”  

Senger also noted water will be present in the streets throughout the week, but only during the daytime and not at night. 

“Obviously, people will notice water running down the street. That’s where it’s coming from. If there's water running down the street at nighttime, that’s not normal. We're done at about 4:30, so any water after that shouldn't be running down the street.” 

If water is noticed in the streets during the night hours, residents are asked to call Senger at 307-228-7120