With the everlasting effects of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash tragedy on everyone's minds this April 7, some good did come out of the crash where 16 perished, and another 13 were seriously injured back on April 6, 2018. The story of Logan Boulet is well known throughout the hockey world, as he was asked to be an organ donor by one of his coaches, and he managed to save the lives of six people involved in the crash. This story inspired people to sign their donor cards and the numbers skyrocketed from there. 

Unity mayor Sharon Del Frari is an organ donor herself, and she talked about the importance of being one. 

“Well, I am an organ donor. I had a friend whose organs were shutting down 22 years ago this fall and I was able to donate a kidney for her and that kept her life going and she able to enjoy her grandchildren and her children getting married. But also, the Humboldt Broncos bus crash affected people greatly and it was so devastating, but the one thing that was really good came out of that was Logan Boulet, who was inspired by his coach to sign an organ donour card. Rick, his hockey coach, had been an organ donor and he had passed away the year before when he saved six lives. Then when Logan passed away, his parents, Bernadine and Toby decided to honour his wishes and Logan's decision saved six more lives. The story broke from there and as it broke there were people signing their organ donor registries across Canada and over 150,000 people registered to become organ donors in the days and weeks that followed, which was the greatest number of Canadians to register due to one person, one event,” Del Frari said.  

The community of Unity, along with others in the region, are honouring the legacy of Logan Boulet and other organ donors, by wearing green this April 7. Del Frari talks about the day and its significance. 

“This Green Shirt Day is here to honour, remember and recognize all the victims and families of that fatal crash, and to continue Logan's legacy by inspiring all of us in Canada to talk to our families and register as organ donors. If people are interested, it's really easy to register in Saskatchewan, you just go to www.givelifesask.ca, and that is run by the Saskatchewan Health Authority. There's also a number they can call 1-844-767-8259. What we're asking people to do is April 7th, wear your green shirt, light up your house green if you have outside lights that you can, and just raise awareness for organ donation and to keep everyone going with it,” Del Frari added. 

Make sure you have your green shirts out this April 7 to honour the legacy of Logan Boulet and the 2017-18 Humboldt Broncos.  

Logan BouletPoster courtesy of Sharon Del Frari.