Folks with low incomes, families and seniors will notice a bump in their benefits starting today.

The provincial budget for 2023-24 announced an increase of $26.6 million for Social Services to invest in assistance programs. 

Social Services Minister, Gene Makowsky, said this year's budget gives them a 3.4% increase from last year. 

“We're up to $1.43 billion this year—that's the entire budget,” he said. "It's broken down into income assistance, child and family protection, as well as community living support delivery, as well as housing. So, we have a lot of areas that we look after.” 

In the provincial release, it’s stated that this is the second year in a row that Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) clients will be getting a bump up in their monthly benefits. 

Effective today, the Adult Basic Benefit, Shelter Benefit and Alternate Heating Benefit, are set to increase by $30 per month.  

Also getting under way,  Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) clients will receive $30 more in living income benefits each month. 

Living in a personal care home will be a bit more affordable as the Personal Care Home Benefit (PCHB) will increase by up to $400 per month. SAID clients who live in personal care homes will receive up to $684 more per month.   

Swift Current clients of the SIS, SAID or Saskatchewan Employment Supplement (SES) programs will also continue to benefit from discount bus passes. 

“We're pleased to be able to have these increases,” Makowsky said. "We have a strong and growing economy, that's why we're able to invest in folks that that need some help from time to time, and that's what our income assistance programs do. We've heard about affordability and inflation, and that's something we are paying close attention to. I think this budget within our industry is helping those folks, and we always see growth that works for everyone, and we're able to continue to grow the economy for those that need some help.”