My name is Hannah Wurz and I will be a new face here at West Central Online! I am from Luseland, Saskatchewan and I am very excited to be doing my Work Ed course here.

I am in Grade 11 currently at Luseland School. I am part of our school's Student Council and I have stepped up as President the last couple of years. One of the main reasons I chose to come to West Central Online is because I have a passion for music. Our jam club has recently started up again now that extra curricular activities are allowed in our division. We haven't had a concert in over two years, so getting back to practicing and jamming has been a great experience for all of us. I currently play bass, guitar, and ukulele but I am open to learning new instruments in the future. 

I love being involved in my local community and connecting with others. Last Saturday, Luseland had their Harvest Festival where many locals gathered and participated in local activities. It was nice getting to see everyones faces again after not being able to have a large gathering due to the pandemic. You may have seen me before working at the Luseland Swimming Pool or at the PT Kafe during the summer. I also help teach dance in Kerrobert at Sieben's School of Dance. 

The Career Work Experience Program is a credit offered in Saskatchewan allowing teenagers to enter the workforce. I think this program is amazing as I can figure out what path is right for me. Although I am still unsure what line of work I will end up choosing when I graduate, I am very excited to learn new skills and build connections here at West Central Online!