The Kindersley Legion Branch #57 held their latest monthly meeting last Wednesday. The group meets the first Wednesday of each month (with a break in July and August) to discuss their plans for the month, and any other pressing Royal Canadian Legion topics.

WestCentralOnline contacted president Scott Holloway to learn more.

"We usually have an agenda that we try to cover various things. With this past meeting we had a bit of a review, had the first responders appreciation barbecue the night before. Discussed that a bit, and it went well, so it's something we will (continue). Those that attend appreciate it."

Next up was Holloway confirming that the legion will have a booth at trade show in Kindersley starting up this week.

"We're going to have a table there, just planning out who will man that. We are going to be of course trying to raise the profile of the legion in the community, but we will also have some other legion merchandise available for purchase." he finished as people will be able to support the legion with perhaps a Fathers Day gift. 

Holloway then shared that Canada Day planning was on the docket. They are putting on a pancake breakfast at the museum from 8:30-11 on July 1. 

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The next order of business had to do with one of their campaigns from 2023. Holloway says the totals are in for the year's poppy campaign, and next up is allocating those funds.

"We have it for veterans that need help. We want to have that available, and we have been able to help veterans with a few different things." said Holloway, one example being replacing a furnace. "Of course we don't have as many veterans now, so there's not as many specific needs, and it's now about finding different ways to distribute that money that people gave within the community. We are discussing donations to the handi-bus, the manor, other veterans programs that are available." said Holloway as the money is there to help, and all decisions are confirmed by the provincial command.

The final thing on the agenda for the group was a look ahead to the fall. With their summer break coming for meetings, they want to be able to "hit the ground running" according to Holloway when September's meeting finally comes around.