A Prairieland Players original hit the stage this past weekend in Kerrobert.

Secretary (and playwriter) for the Prairieland Players Shauna Meek talked about the fresh play, 'Thank You for Your Support'.

"It was about a group of people in a small town called Mayfield. The Mayfield community hall is in rough shape, and they are trying to do a fundraiser to make some improvements and get the hall back in good condition, so they decide to do a 24-hour telethon on a livestream."

Meek shared a little deeper on the script.

"Being a small town, maybe their entertainment choices are...limited... Some of the entertainment is good, some not so good, and somebody was trying to sabotage the fundraiser and they don't know why so bad things keep happening."

That was the main gist of the play. With the main themes being small towns and raising money, Meek wasn't alone in feeling the play was sort of a Telemiracle fan fiction.

"That's basically where the idea came from. I thought about Telemiracle." said Meek who was looking for a way to incorporate small town Saskatchewan into their production.

The group's first show came back in 1990, as this past weekend was their 31st overall performance in the Town of Kerrobert.

Meek may have written the play, but it's always the flexible group of talent that makes the show at the end of day.

"It's almost like you are workshopping it as you are rehearsing. You are able to make more changes." explained Meek, as typically there is no wiggle room when it comes to a published play. "When you do an original play and the author is right there, suggestions can be taken, and you can sort of edit the play (as it goes)."

It's also more fun for the actors and actresses involved.

"They get a little bit of input into their characters, and they seem to enjoy the process."

Their performances turn out more than just laughs.

Things on stage might have been about raising money for a small town, but the real-life roots behind the production aren't too far away from the truth. 75 per cent of the proceeds from the annual dinner theatre goes towards the Prairieland Community Centre, the theatre group's home.

Without totals from this year's shows, Meek shared that around $165,000 dollars has went back to the PCC over the years.

"Helps with upkeep, renovations, improvements, and just the general expenses of running a big facility in a small town." said Meek. "It's our home, and we like to do our part to keep it looking good and something that everyone can enjoy and use."

Aside from the local community centre, the group has allocated funds to other local organizations in the past including the swimming pool.

The Players know how lucky they are to have a building they can commit to showtime. It's a lot more than a stage with some lights.

"We have a beautiful home. Great stage, great equipment." said Meek, "We want to do what we can to keep it going."

The cast is a rotating one. Plays in the past have been performed with as few as nine people total, and then as many as 35 in other years.

"This year we had I think seven on stage, and seven or eight crew." said Meek, "We also have a lot of community volunteers that come out to help us the day of. Just wonderful too to have that support."

The Prairieland Players are now on the road to their next performance. Meek will have to wait a while to flex her creative juices in the next script.

Both Kindersley and Kerrobert have had recent dinner theatre performances. It's fun to follow up with things on the stage, and you can expect a check in with Pothole Productions out of Luseland and their showing of 'Wheel of Misfortune' firing up this weekend.