Years long work being done towards highway safety improvements are nearing completion on Highway 7, and a Kindersley business owner in Janelle Layton helped celebrate the work done over the years by hosting government officials for a special event last week.

"Safety is our business and it is great to see the improvements on Highway 7 including passing lanes and turning lanes in our area," Owner of Jorann Safety in Kindersley, Janelle Layton said. "These safety improvements have been well received by our local community and the professional drivers alike."

According to the recent government release, the latest upgrades include passing lanes between Kindersley and the Saskatchewan-Alberta border, as since 2014, the Government of Saskatchewan has invested about $120 million on major safety improvements on Highway 7 between Saskatoon and the interprovincial boundary.

"The Ministry of Highways has a long-term strategy that will improve safety, increase capacity and support economic growth," Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill said. "Our government is following through on its commitments through strategic investments in key corridors such as Highway 7."

Jeremy CockrillMinister of Highways Jeremy Cockrill cutting the ribbon in Kindersley last Friday, officially re-opening Highway 7 which has seen its fair share of construction over the years (Photo by Aaron Harle)

Passing lanes help provide additional opportunities for travelers to pass safely. This year alone Saskatchewan is investing $18 million to build six passing lanes between Kindersley and the border, and the project also includes intersection improvements at Marengo and Alsask. Daily drivers along the route will be able to confirm the construction runs from about 27 km west of Kindersley, to nearly 2 km east of Alberta.

Highway 7 is a pivotal roadway for travelers between the largest cities in Saskatchewan and Alberta, as also in addition to 22 passing lanes from Delisle to the border, 31 km of twinning was completed southwest of Saskatoon to Delisle in 2019.