Two Kindersley businesses along with the RCMP are teaming up to collect donations for the local food bank. The Kindersley Co-op and Puddles in My Garden greenhouse will be outside the grocery store alongside the Kindersley RCMP today, May 6th, from 12 p.m. until 6 pm as part of the Grow the Food Bank Drive. 

The event will go rain or shine and folks who can and are wanting to donate can do so in a number of ways explains Puddles In My Garden owner, Joanne Kosolofski. 

“They can donate cash, that allows the Food Bank to purchase necessary stuff. They can go inside the Co-op and buy one of their food bags and keep it simple or they can bring something from their home and that will be acceptable.” 

Last year the Food Drive brought in somewhere around $600 worth of donations and Kosolofski is hopeful the same or more will be donated this time around. Kosolofski also mentions there is some incentive for folks who choose to give what they can.

“When they donate an item, my business, Puddles In My Garden, will give them either a tomato plant or herb, or a pepper plant that they can take home and grow for themselves. As a greenhouse, we're the growers, and this is my contribution to help it be successful.” 

A full recap of the Grow the Food Bank Drive will be provided next week.  

Grow the food bank green house