The Town of Kindersley will see a municipal election this year in October, with the potential of city status also on the horizon, being informed has never been more vital.

For those interested in running for office, the Town of Kindersley will be holding an information session on June 21st, 2016.  The session will be held at the Town Administration Office and will run from Noon until 1:30 PM.

The session will go over key points of what can be expected for those who wish to run for Council.  Attendees will learn about the roles Council Members take on, their responsibilities, time commitment and impact on their personal life. 

The forum will also be streamed live and recorded for those who cannot make the session.  With nominations beginning in mid to late August a second session may also be coordinated during the summer months.  The deadline for all nominations will occur in September, approximately a month from the election.

The Town of Kindersley also encourages those who are interested to visit the Town of Kindersley's Website and access the Town of Kindersley Council Portal, Government of Saskatchewan Council Policy Manual, and Government of Saskatchewan Council Members Handbook.