The most-recent newsletter from the Kindersley Citizens on Patrol group graced our newsroom earlier this week. The semi-annual report detailed their activity between January-June 2024.

C.O.P.P. members dealt with five call-ins, and five doors or gates found either unlocked or open. Throughout 19 patrols covering 152 hours, the group covered 1376.5 kilometres.

C.O.P.P. 2024.jpg Statistics from the same time in 2023

The group is always looking for volunteers. Anyone interested that can set aside one or two nights a month to help protect the community are more than welcome. Other ways to help out include a $30 C.O.P.P. window sign (12x12) to raise awareness, and any other monetary donations help as well. A $5 sign (4x4) is also available, as interested individuals can call 306-463-9406.

Anyone in Kindersley that is interested in becoming a part of C.O.P.P. can contact the local RCMP detachment at 306-463-4642.