On Thursday, MLA Ken Francis and Mayor Rod Perkins took a moment to speak with the public about the ongoing highway upgrades. 

Both were very thankful for the safety upgrades being put in place, which will not only protect the users of the corridor but also the citizens of Kindersley. 

MLA Francis went on to give more details, 

“Well, I guess safety is probably the biggest benefit of it. Highway 7 is such a main thoroughfare through town, and we've had issues in the past where St. Lights and traffic lights been knocked down every second week it seemed. And so, you know, the projects from a few years ago added to the new ones this year.” 

Francis also explained that this will provide better flow in and out of town for large traffic and transport vehicles that frequent the corridor.  

Mayor Perkins just before this meeting had been attending the trade show put on by the chamber and was given great feedback, not only for this project but other infrastructure upgrades within the town limits itself. 

“I don't even think the residents of Kindersley are all that mad. I worked at the trade show Booth for the town of Kindersley last night for two hours and I had three or four people drop by and say great to see all this construction it means things are getting done.” 

The main message our leadership for the area both wanted to stress though is that this is some temporary short-term inconvenience for long term gain.