The Kindersley Legion Branch #57 held their service awards back at the end of October.

President of the Legion Scott Holloway presented a five-year award to Murray and Adele Jones, Carol Venn, and Julie Osborne, though the latter two were unable to attend. A 20 year award was given to the absent Steve Boodram, and Rea Ann Howe, though in Howes case her father Ron accepted the award. Finally was the 25 year award, given to Ellen Kreps and the Scott Holloway himself.

The awards were held back on October 27, as a way to acknowledge peoples time of service as members of the legion. Holloway shared the event was always in the spring, only changing to a fall date recently, and for good reason.

"We used to do it in the spring. But we are thinking from now on we will do it in the fall, kind of as our kick-off to the poppy campaign." shared Holloway. "In the spring everyone's mind is on seeding. If we have it at the end of October, people's minds are more drawn to Remembrance Day anyways. We will probably carry on with that."

Holloway called the awards an opportunity for the legion to come together and honour those who have served.

"We often do other things as well. Say if there is longtime members that we want to honour their service, there are committee groups we want to honour. We do it all at that time."

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