Kindersley RCMP gave a reminder in their latest report that residents are invited to attend their RCMP Town Hall set for the Kindersley Legion Hall. The meeting will be taking place Wednesday night at 7:00 PM, as the public are being invited out to discuss any concerns they may have within the community.

Staff Sergeant Kevin Peterson with the local detachment says they haven't done anything like this since before the pandemic.

"Due to COVID, we haven't had an in-person meeting in a couple of years. We wanted to finally have a meeting and get the communities' input on problems in the area, and things that we can focus on for the upcoming fiscal year."

Peterson says that residents know best when it comes to things plaguing their towns. In years past topics at these meetings have covered crime reduction when it comes to drugs, and property crime. Traffic safety and different community interaction initiative are other avenues that have been crossed. They are looking forward to talking about those past successes, and are hoping to hear some new ideas.

One topic that might come up is how people can assist their local RCMP through The program where people can register their security cameras to potentially help assist in the solving of a crime. Peterson has been including the link to be included in their local reports for some time now, and they have had success with private cameras helping them solve cases that otherwise might not have been.

The Town Hall will be a great place to learn more about the different things the local detachment has to offer. They are looking forward to sharing what they have been up to in the long time since their last meeting with the people they serve, and know the community has lots to offer in the form of a discussion pertaining to the safety of their home towns.