Residents in the Rosedale subdivision in Kindersley are pleading with the town to address issues of flooding and sewage back ups following storms.  Residents in the area reached out to West Central Online with concerns.  Residents state that the issues with sewer started being an issue after the new lift station was installed on Ditson Drive. We've "flooded 3 times in 3 years since 2021" one resident told West Central Online. 

Service Master in Saskatoon said they have nine confirmed jobs in that area following the heavy rains at the end of June and many calls, some of which are still coming in. Service Master in Swift Current and local plumbing companies are also responding to an abundance of calls.

Frustrated with the lack of response or answers from The Town of Kindersley, residents in the area are joining forces with a plan to approach council regarding their concerns in hopes to get answers on why the flooding has been an issue for the past three years.

Flooding problems following severe storms have been a problem in Kindersley in the past. In 2016 a severe storm the Town of Kindersley applied to the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program after over two dozen homes were flooded out and damaged.

The Town of Kindersley has not yet responded to the request for comment at the time of publishing. They did send an infographic on how home owners can help protect their home from sewer back up and ensure their sump pumps are working and installed correctly as well as the benefits of installing a backwater valve in their homes.

Town of Kindersley infographic