Council gathered for the second time this year at their meeting on Monday, January 30th, 2017. Monday evening's meeting was highlighted by two well-presented and informative delegtations from West Central Abilities Inc. (WCA) and Kindersley Minor Ball (KMB).

Chairperson Lloyd Griffith and Executive Director Kim Edmunds spoke about their desire to move the organization away from their current location into a more centralized area in Kindersley. Right now, WCA is located on the outskirts of town in the industrial area, and has been deemed unsafe by the provincial government for safety.

Other safety factors include Highway 21 standing in between the building and residential areas of town along with no paved roads or sidewalks near the building. The Board of Directors is now in the beginning stages of finding a new location which will provide easy access, safety, and visibility for residents. With an annual budget of approximately $1.45 million, the organization is still working on the schematics of their plan and would ideally want a building which offers around 5,000-7,000 square feet in space.

In addition to their presentation, the representatives inquired to have one member from council to join their Board of Directors in order to keep both council and the Board informed on different topics.

"We're lucky you have the passion for this."

- Councilor Randy Ervine commending KMB President Chad Miller for his hard work last year.

KMB President Chad Miller provided the second delegation of the meeting to present the final numbers from 2016 and seek council support for their upcoming season. Miller notified council of the organization's advertising agreement with the Sun West School Division to advertise on the ball diamonds near Elizabeth Middle School in Kindersley. All three diamonds will bring in $6,000 on a two-year contract towards the KMB's maintenance budget.

Miller also spoke to council about his hopes and expectations for the organization in 2017. As of right now, he is hoping the organization will be able to purchase some much needed equipment for the upcoming baseball season such as a new drag, a sea can for storage purposes, and even a new diesel, liquid-cooled engine mower.

The organization's president ended the delegation by thanking council, businesses and residents for their wonderful support during last year's ball season. Approximately $30,000-$40,000 of in-kind services was contributed by the community towards minor ball in 2016.

Other highlights from Monday's council meeting:

  • An application for a home-based daycare business at 21 Heritage Estates was approved. Council want to ensure the environment is safe for children as well.

  • Council repealed the reading for a previous bylaw allowing oifield supply work and service to conduct near a residential area. In addition, the town have met with representatives from both the company and petitioners worried about the work which will be done near their homes. Alternatives have now been identified by the homeowners and another discussion about the situation is scheduled for council's next meeting. A group from the town met with the company reps yesterday about the petitioners requests.

  • Councilor Gary Becker spoke about the need for additional stop signs in different spots throughout the industrial area. Furthermore, he would like for the town to provide more attention to improving culvert drainage and heavy trucks parking in specific locations in the industrial area.

  • Kindersley's Indoor Rodeo Committee have asked for a three-year contract from the town. One-year contracts have been offered to the committee in the past. Councilors seemed to be in support of awarding a three-year contract this time around. More discussion will be needed on this subject.

  • Leaf Your Legacy foundation have asked for town administration to place 75 per cent of their remaining reserves towards the next phase of the construction for the town's aquatic facility at council's discretion. The group and its donors have asked the rest shall be donated towards the arts. Approximately $740,000 is left in the Leaf Your Legacy reserve account.