The Kindersley Wildlife Federation has faced several acts of vandalism in the recent weeks, leaving feelings of frustration for the non-profit organization.

Jeff Vass, chairman of the range, said this type of damage to the club has been an ongoing issue for the last few years.

“This has been going on for some time now, every year there’s stuff that gets damaged. What’s happened in the past, a sea-can storage can has been shot, the bathrooms have been shot. This year, our new clubhouse that we’ve built out there has been shot and lately the poles that are the backstops and hold up the targets, people just shoot them until there is nothing left and then push them over.”

The clubhouse, which was newly constructed in the fall of last year, was shot on multiple sides of the building from what looks to be a .22 caliber rifle said Vass. The cost to replace the siding and repair the damage is approximately $500 and will have to be drawn from the Federations funds.

Vass said beyond the cost and time for the repairs, its frustrating to see the lack of respect and maturity of some of the individuals using the space.

“It’s very frustrating. A small group of individuals do a lot of work out there to keep the place up and to keep the grass mowed nice so people can go out there and enjoy it. You put all that work into it and then some people just don’t respect it and it’s really frustrating.”

The Kindersley Wildlife Federation is not taking the recent offences lightly. In a recent Facebook post, Vass shared the KWF will pursue charges against anyone who willfully causes unnecessary damage to the property. Even further, the KWF is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to a conviction.

Vass added, if anyone sees an individual shooting anything but the permitted targets, he encourages them to call the RCMP or report it to executive members of the KWF. 

In the meantime, the KWF looking at options to install security cameras on the premise.