After last week was made quieter by games being moved around, the Kindersley Jr. Klippers start off this week with three straight games against the Weyburn Red Wings. Despite being on a three game losing streak coming in, the Klippers had played some good hockey coming into the first matchup of the season with the Red Wings, and they continued that trend with a dominant 4-1 win.

Before they took their first penalty two minutes into the game, an interference call on Carson Baylis, the Klippers already had a 4-1 shot advantage. On that initial penalty kill, the Klippers kept the Red Wings to the outside and didn't allow much for shots, and with 17 seconds left in the man advantage a blocked shot from Cameron Rimstad would be sent to Noah Lindsay on the breakaway, and he fired a shot past the Red Wings' Jackson Fellner in net to earn the game's first goal just under four minutes in.

For two teams that hadn't seen each other all season long up until that point, the animosity was clearly in the air between the two teams as the game went on and a scrum near the side of the net in the Red Wings' zone would cause a 4-on-4 situation as Jackson Hassman and Nathan DeGraves would both go to the box. With 15 seconds left in the powerplay, the Klippers would get nabbed for hooking on Noah Lindsay and they were faced with a 4-on-3 penalty kill, but it was handled with ease.

The Klippers in the period managed to put the puck in the net again when everyone crashed the net and started getting whacks at the puck, but the refs waved the goal off immediately.

Despite the Klippers continuing to pour on the shots, at one point putting up seven unanswered shots in the period, the Red Wings would be the next to score. On a faceoff in the Klippers zone, the Wings won it and up the left side of the ice went Cooper Chisholm on a 3-on-2 that didn't look all that dangerous, but Chisholm managed to find a passing lane through the middle to Jackson Hassman, and his shot went through Matt Pesenti to tie the game.

After 1: Klippers 1 - 1 Red Wings, shots 17-8 Klippers

There's two areas the Klippers could've improved on throughout this game and both were small changes, and one of those was their powerplay. The Klippers got an early powerplay in the period, and like recent weeks they cycled the puck quite well and managed a fair number of shots, but still couldn't find a way past on the man advantage.

After another overwhelmingly successful penalty kill, the Klippers extended their lead seven minutes into the period. A faceoff in the offensive zone was won to the wall for Josh Danis, he tapped it back to Nathan DeGraves who fired the puck through traffic and scored his first goal of the season as a Klipper.

At the point where the Klippers took the lead back, they had put up 10 shots already on their way to a season record 20 shots in the period. The score likely would've been 4-1 already if it weren't for two robberies from Jackson Fellner. One saw a right-to-left onetimer from Matt Mazzocchi that Fellner made a sprawling blocker save, and the other on the Klippers powerplay saw a feed from behind the net to Aiden Bangs in the slot and Fellner only made the stop because of the positioning he had in the crease.

After 2: Klippers 2 - 1 Red Wings, shots 20-7 Klippers in the period, 37-15 Klippers overall

To start off the third period, the Klippers were able to score early in the third. Andrew Schaab earned his first point as a Klipper when he passed the puck ahead to Tylin Hilbig who streaked down the left side of the ice and fired a blistering wrist shot that went into the back of the net to make it comfortable for the Klippers early in the period.

In the third period was the one other area the Klippers could've improved on alluded to earlier, and that was that offensively they took the gas off the pedal just a little bit in the third period, but that was substituted for some solid defensive play that continued to shut down the Red Wings in the third period.

The Klippers killed two penalties in the period, one of which came with less than four minutes left in the period. Halfway through that powerplay, the Red Wings were trying to pull Fellner in net, but the Klippers never let the Red Wings get set on the man advantage and Fellner never left the ice until after the man advantage ended. 

Noah Lindsay iced the game with the empty netter with 55 seconds left, and the Klippers would snap their three game losing streak.

FINAL: Klippers 4 - 1 Red Wings, shots 7-6 Red Wings in the period, 43-22 Klippers overall