The Eston 95 Lions Club is hosting a Ladies Night Out on April 30. President of the Club Gwen Etter, is looking forward to having it in person once again. 

“It's our 38th year of having a ladies night. Last year we had a ladies night and we did it all virtually. So, this year we're pretty excited about having that again in person. Tickets sold out within hours. We have 210 tickets sold, and that's a full house for us, we're pretty excited about that,” Etter said. 

The night will feature some prizes up for grabs, according to Etter. 

“What's in store for the night is lots of prizes. We've been posting all of our prizes on our public Facebook page and trying to showcase the businesses and individuals that have actually donated all the prizes,” Etter said. 

Some other similarities in this year’s installment of the Ladies Night Out, include the same $1000 cash prize donation, and men from the Eston Lions Club waiting on the ladies for the evening.  

“Our 95 Lions Club will also be donating our usual $1000 cash prize at the very end of the evening. We also have a wonderful meal, and it will be prepared by us for the ladies. We always try and get a few of our local men to waiter and pamper us as we're watching the prizes being delivered and drawn for,” Etter added. 

There will be some live entertainment as well, as the UnCoolas, a band featuring former Eston resident Aaron Ruston, will be playing at the Ladies Night Out.