In the latest E-Update from the Town of Kindersley a couple of reminders heading into the fall season were the highlights. 

This included a list of how to winterize your sprinkler system. Here is a quick reminder of how that works. 

1. Shut Off the Water.
2. Turn Off the Timer.
3. Drain the Water – Might consist of Manual Draining, Automatic Draining, or Blow-Out Draining.
4. Insulate Above ground components.
5. Always check the owner’s manual before winterizing!
Source: How to Winterize Your Sprinkler System ( 

Also, in the E-Update was a reminder to remove your gutter ramps by October 1. If left on the street, they cause damage to snow removal equipment. Gutter Ramps or Matting placed on roadways during the restricted time period may be removed, without notice, and shall be confiscated, impounded and/or ticketed by the Town of Kindersley. 

The Goose Festival will be taking place from September 21-24, and one of the many events included is a toonie swim which will be held from 1:00-6:00 pm at the Kindersley Aquatic Centre on Saturday, September 23. 

The full E-Update can be viewed here.

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