In accordance with the trend sweeping smaller locals across the province, the Town of Leader will be closing its landfill.

This change in local refuse removal comes as no surprise since they are partnering with both the federal and provincial governments to cover the cost via the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. Altogether, the renovation will cost a little over $372,000, with the town paying for just north of $99,000 worth.

The federal government will be providing almost $149,000, while the province will contribute nearly $125,000.

Administrator for the Town of Leader, Erin Romanuik, says the town will likely fall short of budgeted funds needed for the project to the tune of nearly $16,000.

"A good portion of that will be covered probably by the fees," noted Romanuik. "We have our gas tax money and our municipal revenue sharing. Whatever we need, will probably get earmarked into that area."

For the time being, the plan is to turn the site into a transfer station. Though they haven't set that in stone for the future.

"We are doing that for probably the next five years," explained Romanuik. "From that point, we're kind of just keeping our eyes open and looking at the different options."

The town is considering possibly a new landfill or partnering up for a regional landfill. They may even construct an incinerator, depending on the results they see from Fox Valley and their new incinerator over the next couple of years.

The renovations have already begun, with the town having run power to the site, and installing an attendant trailer in the lot.

"It will be covered with the cap sloped according to what the ministry says we have to do," detailed Romanuik. "We will be spreading grass seed on it to basically return it to the native grass, and the top part will be remaining fenced off for the transfer station."