As of today, the Lemsford Ferry is officially open.

The government's website shows an update for the Lemsford Ferry being open for light loads as of 8:47 this morning, after it was the only ferry in the region not open aside from the situation at the Riverhurst Ferry.

Ferry operator at Lemsford Kent Snider shared the news with West Central Online this morning.

"The ferry is open, as of today this is our first day of operations."

Snider said the water raised about 4 inches, giving them enough depth to move to the locations lower crossing.

"It's still light loads, but the fact is we're moving."

Currently the ferry will only take one vehicle.  Snider talked about putting two units on the barge. 

"I had trouble getting away from the shoreline, but we're going."

Snider wants everyone to know that the Lemsford Ferry is open and ready for the season, just in time for the weekend for anyone headed south from West Central to get in some early summer activities.