Adding a little fun to Literacy Day, West Central Literacy decided to hold a special Literacy Skate in Davidson and Dinsmore. Literacy Day is on January 27 each year, and Coordinator of West Central Literacy Tina McGonigal explains what books were on display this year for the special skates. 

“Last week for Family Literacy Day, we actually had two separate story skates happening. We had one in Dinsmore and that was a collaborative project with the Dinsmore School, the Dinsmore Library, and then the West Central Literacy Committee, and we had a new story skate done up for that one. It was Bobby Orr and the Hand Me Down Skate. 

“The other one was a story skate in Davidson, and that one was done in collaboration as well, with the Davidson School and same thing the classes went. They had an hour each to go to the rink and skate, and the story that they did there was Li’l Shadd A Story of Ujima, and that is actually the Saskatchewan story for Family Literacy Day. That's the one that the province has selected this year to be our story.” 

The turnout for both skates were very good, as McGonigal explains. 

“There was great attendance. The story skate in Dinsmore had 70 students plus parents attend and then the one in Davidson had over 100 people come and skate, students and parents and such, so both were really, really successful events.” 

West Central Literacy also has a special event coming in Kindersley. It will be a story walk being held at the Kindersley Centre (Mall).  

“We're actually doing an event in Kindersley over the next month because family Literacy Day doesn't just end on January 27th. We are hoping, that it will go up in this next week and we're doing a story walk in the Kindersley Mall actually, so families can go between this week and the end of the February. And when they're done doing the story walk, they can actually scan a QR code and receive a copy of that story walk.” 

 “I know that during February break the kids are home from school and sometimes the weather doesn't exactly cooperate, so that's another way for them to get out, but still be somewhere warm and take in some fun literacy things.” 

McGonigal wanted to add, literacy does not end on Literacy Day, and the story walk in Kindersley is one of the many ways people can get out and have fun with reading.  

Look for some photos from and information from the story walk at the Kindersley Centre in the coming days.