Classic Hits Radio morning show host Devin Brown wanted to start off 2023 with a bang.

Working at a radio station, it's always a good idea to bring it back to the music. That's why we invited local musicians to the studio to perform every Friday in January during the 9:00 am hour. 

Read a line from each of their features, and check out each January spotlight we shared in the related articles section below:

Curtwood Bearsman

"Curtwood Bearsman debuted his song "Minus Forty" on Friday morning on the Classic Hits Radio morning show." 

Belle Diabolique

"She goes by the stage name Belle Diabolique, and she started working on a new song when we ended the call."

Berk Jodoin

"You'll want to hear the song "The Sailor" as an example of the emotion he puts into his craft."

Clayton Braybrook

"When you've taught for this long, they call you Mister."

Vanessa Klassen

"She auditioned for her Master's degree at Ohio State and ended up getting a scholarship."