Kindersley's Brody Istace recently wrapped up school at Columbia International University down in South Carolina, and in the process, he along with teammate William Fletcher became the first four year seniors in the schools history when it comes to the golf team.

The senior pair competed for the school for the final time back on April 26th in the Appalachian Athletic Conference Championship, ending yet another busy season that saw a match play event held the week before. That led up to the final 18 holes of Istace's college career, and he reflected on his recent play, and time as a CIU Ram overall.

"I didn't play my best this semester, just been more stressed with trying to graduate," he said, "It was fun, we had a good group of guys on the team. It was just fun to be with them and spend time with them for my last semester."

Istace talked about how him and his teammate, and also roommate Will, becoming the first players to exit the program after a full college career.

"It's pretty cool just knowing we kind of started the golf program right? And now we will get to watch where it will go in the future."

The team was active before Istace's initial commitment, but a leave of absence for two years gave them a fresh start with a different coach and new opportunity to start a successful program.

Istace is now back home in Kindersley for likely the rest of the month, but he shared with us that he is headed right back down south to start a job at a golf course not too far away from his old campus.

"Driving back, and going to work at Harbor Town Golf Links in Hilton Head, South Carolina. They host a PGA Tour event out there every year, so that's cool," said Istace about the new job, that will for sure keep him in the game, "We get to caddy out there everyday."

Clearly taking to be a southerner, Istace is happy to be back home for a visit but likely can't wait to get back to sunny South Carolina. He has been lucky enough to be very ingratiated to some of the culture down there, most notably in nearby Athens, Georgia, where Istace has become quite the Bulldogs fan; actually watching the team complete a historic season with an NCAA championship win earlier this year.

Brody Istace DawgsIstace (right) has gathered enough connections over his time in the states to be quite the Georgia Bulldogs fan (via Brody Istace on Instagram)