Each highway out of Kindersley this morning is seasonal driving, but that can't be said for the rest of west-central Saskatchewan. Highway #44, Highway #31, Highway #4, and Highway #15 are joining Highway #7 east and west of Rosetown in noting winter driving conditions, and poor visibility due to fog.

The busy Highway #7 is reporting the longest stretch of poor driving conditions. Anyone driving between Fiske and Delisle should exercise extra caution with the fog not having broke yet as of Friday morning.  

Highway #44 is reporting winter conditions from Eatonia all the way to Dinsmore. The winter conditions on Highway #4 run from Elrose north to Marriott, and heading west, Highway #31 to Plenty is reporting the same conditions. Highway #15 only sees a short stretch of winter driving from the Highway #4 turn-off to Milden.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 101310.jpg Screenshot via Highway Hotline as of 10:13 AM

Check the Highway Hotline for continued updates.

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