The Town of Luseland held its Harvest Festival over the weekend, and part of the fun was the Luseland Bell Acres Golf & Country Club playing host to a special glow golf, among other things, on Saturday. Ryley Magnus, who is Treasurer for Bell Acres, talks about the fun, and what contributions the Golf Club made to the community.  

“The golf course’s contribution to the day was at noon, we had a smokie on a bun barbecue lunch. That was a fundraiser for the Luseland/Salvador Homecoming Hall. They've got some future improvements they are looking to do; we thought the golf course could give back that way by organizing a lunch fundraiser. We also had a sign wall out there that people could leave their signature and sign their guestbook. Basically, it was an 8 foot by 4-foot piece of corrugated plastic people could sign, and people liked that a lot,” Magnus said.  

Luseland Sign WallThe Sign Wall was a big hit at Bell Acres over the weekend.

He then went into detail about how many took part in the glow golf Saturday night. 

“The last part of the whole day was at the golf course again, and that was the glow golf that was going on. We had 40 people come out for glow golf. They all got decked out in glow gear, glow necklaces, bracelets, everything like that, and got glow balls. And they had fun playing four different holes. And we had, like I mentioned, those 40 people out, they stayed there for a social gathering after and it was a great time, everyone had a lot of fun.” 

The golf season has been a busy one for Bell Acres, as Magnus explains.  

“It’s been a busy golf season here at Bell Acres. Every year has been a busy season, busier than the last. We don’t know where next year is going to take us, but we are certainly looking forward to finishing out this season here, and then picking it up again in the spring.” 

Luseland glow in the dark golf 2Glow golf at the Luseland Bell Acres Golf & Country Club