It's been nearly three years since the initial announcement of the Biggar Revitalization Project, and thanks to a recent $50K contribution, the Biggar Revitalization Fundraising Committee is pleased to announce they have reached their monetary goal for the community project.

F-cODQDbwAA_baR_0.jpg The official announcement from the Biggar Revitalization Committee on social media (Screengrab via @BiggarCampaign on X/Twitter)

WestCentralOnline checked in with Biggar mayor Jim Rickwood following the big news. Rickwood gave a massive shoutout to the fundraising team for working to raise so much money over the past few years.

"Raised $2.5 million through pandemic and droughts, and in typical small-town Saskatchewan style we did it. We completed the mission."

The big news was originally set to be announced at downtown park, though Saskatchewan weather forced Wednesday's announcement indoors. It was moved inside the town council chambers, though the venue didn't much matter as the crowd was ripe with anticipation.

"It went over very well. People were relieved to see we met the target, and you know there was no doubt we would make it, it was just when." said Rickwood who shouted out Boortmalt, a company with local ties, for providing the final push needed. "That really put us over to meet our target. The endzone was met (Wednesday). We got that final cheque and it was good, brought it to the end."

Biggar mayor Jim Rickwood nov 8 2021 (1).jpg Biggar mayor Jim Rickwood (Photo via Randy Weekes on Facebook)

A list of what's to come is included in the full release above. Talking about some of his favourite features of the project, Rickwood shared what the plan is for CN Park.

"Of course we are waiting for the last little piece to fit into the puzzle for the CN project. We are hoping to have tenders going out for the CN Park down at the south end of Main Street, which is going to have our farmers market, a park, a soundstage, and a replica station. Just a really nice little area, reflective of what it was in the hay-day of Biggar. When the railway first came through there were some pretty remarkable formal gardens there, and we are trying to re-capture that atmosphere down at the south end."

Rickwood knows getting the rest of the projects underway will only add to the excitement in Biggar. There have been a lot of moving parts in the small community lately, and it's not expected to slow down.

Biggar residents will continue to get spoiled by the Revitalization committee in the meantime. A way to kick-off the Christmas season is coming up on November 24.

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