Biggar-Sask Valley MLA Randy Weekes was in our studios on Wednesday for a visit.

The local member, and current Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan, shared some details on recent trips of his made around west-central Saskatchewan, along with comments on two announcements made this week by the government.

Weekes is a candidate for the Saskatchewan Party nomination in the new constituency of Kindersley-Biggar, and has been continuing his trips around the region speaking with RM's, town councils, etc. 

Weekes wanted to share some information about a speaking engagement coming up in Biggar.

"I have an event coming up in Biggar where the Honorable Rob Norris will be guest speaker, and it's a bit of a surprise announcement so we will just leave it at that. Anybody interested in being in Biggar on September 12 at 2:00 at the Biggar Museum you are welcome to come and hear Rob Norris and the announcement he is making."

That event will run from 1-4.

Moving into some of the recent announcements from the Government, Weekes shared the latest update when it comes to drought relief in the province. He talked about the $70 million being opened up for livestock producers, and thinks there should be more coming.

"We fully expect the federal government to come in to top that up, but that hasn't been announced so we will have to wait to see. This is all through crop insurance or agri-recovery. We have always been there for the livestock producers and grain farmers, and we are there again. I attended a two-day caucus meeting last week and we discussed this in-depth and had a briefing by the Minister of Agriculture. We knew this announcement was coming."

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The other point raised by Weekes had to with the Ministry of Education announcement that sparked the province into a bit of a frenzy. The province made a move to create policy around pronouns, and sex-ed, while suspending third-party school involvement in the process."

"Three points that the Education Minister made concerning schools." began Weekes, "Schools must seek parent of guardian permission when changing the preferred name and pronouns used by students under the age of 16 in the school."

Weekes continued.

"Number two, parents and guardians must be informed about the sexual health education curriculum, and have the option to decline the children's participation. And then boards of education must immediately pause involvement with any third-party organizers connected to sexual health education."

Weekes believes this policy speaks to what a lot of parents have been concerned with in schools.

"It really puts the parent back in the school, which they always should have been, so now they have some options about those issues."

Weekes wanted to highlight one part of the release specifically.

"The one important thing that should be pointed out is that in situations where it is reasonably expected that gaining parental consent could result in physical, mental or emotional harm to the student, the student will be directed to the appropriate school professional for support. They will work with the student to develop a plan to speak with their parents when they are ready to do so."

Weekes sees the change as a matter of working with children and not forcing them into being comfortable telling their parents about any changes they would like to make.

These topics will no doubt make their way into the conversation once the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan reconvenes for the Fall Session on October 25.

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