This past weekend's Telemiracle 47 was a 20-hour telethon that raised over $5 million, one of the larger totals in the event's history. That number still came well below last year's all-time record of over $8 million, as Telemiracle has raised over $158 million total since 1977.

Telemiracle organizers can finally take a deep breath with the big show finally over, as so much work goes into the annual Saskatchewan production for a good cause.  "Ringing those phones" is only one part of the process, as so much more goes into the weekend that provides so much for the people of Saskatchewan.

Prior to Telemiracle 47, the Kinsmen Foundation pledged over $1 million for new health care equipment available to eligible healthcare foundations and facilities across Saskatchewan. This was only possible thanks to last year's record-breaking total as explained by Kinsmen Foundation Chair Rob Bateman in a release back on February 23rd.

“The impact of these donations means that the Kinsmen Foundation can make a special investment in new health care equipment across the province.”

Telemiracle's work done to help out with improving Saskatchewan's healthcare landscape has been well documented over the many years of the telethon. One big fan of the charitable donations is Arlene Wiks, Chairperson of Saskatchewan Health Authority Board of Directors.

“The partnership between philanthropy and healthcare means that we can do more to support innovation and the advancement of health system priorities,” said Wiks, “We are grateful to have the Kinsmen Foundation as a valued health partner and we are so appreciative of the generous support of their many donors, the people of Saskatchewan.”

According to the release, Saskatchewan-based health care foundations and facilities can submit their application to the Kinsmen Foundation until June 7, 2023. An online application form and information about eligibility can be found at

Still, it has to be remembered, none of this would be possible if people weren't "Ringing Those Phones":

While he wasn't on stage at Telemiracle 47, Saskatchewan comedian QuickDickMcdick contributed some content to the recent event in the video above as he is a staunch supporter of the telethon and everything it goes to support. His 60/40 farmer/comedian split may or may not be part of the act, but his love for the great province of Saskatchewan is as genuine as it gets.

QDM gave his description as to why Telemiracle is so important to his bunny-hug wearing, VICO drinking self. 

"There are so many different types of people that fall through the cracks, or get pushed to the side," said QuickDick about gaps in the current healthcare system, "As far as Telemiracle goes, that one person that might need a little extra help with a wheelchair, or a special van lift, or something that makes their life so they can (live it a little better). Telemiracle closes that gap to try and help."

He went on to compliment the backbone of Telemiracle, the volunteers, as the province's collective heart is just something that can't be measured.

"That's the biggest reason that I love Telemiracle. It defines the community of Saskatchewan. Everybody comes together and donates to a cause to help people in need. That is really who we are in Saskatchewan, so I mean it just screams Saskatchewan whenever I get to deal with Telemiracle."

While the above video took a lot of work from QDM, writing funny rhyme schemes for a good cause is nothing compared to the work put into Telemiracle by the volunteers behind the scenes.

"You see the volunteers that answer the phones on the telethon. There is only a handful of them in the background on the stage. There are other rooms in different places filled with volunteers answering their phones," he said about those people who take time out their day for a good cause.

With another year of Telemiracle come and gone, the ever creative Dickson Delorme and his YouTube personality will have another year to prepare for the Saskatchewan spectacle. If you enjoyed the Telemiracle 47 beat (that we are currently working to get on Country 104), then you might enjoy his musical spin from Telemiracle 46: