The West Central part of the province is a week into the month of April and has already experienced early spring snow. The snow brought with it a total of 7.6mm of moisture and in and around Kindersley and 4.2mm to the Rosetown area. The system is surely welcomed by many, but more is needed to hit the average monthly total of 23.5mm of precipitation for April. 

Looking ahead to what can be expected for the next few weeks, the forecast is not ideal for areas already experiencing below normal moisture levels says meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Terri Lang.

"It is forecasted to be cooler than average and drier than average. Probably not good news as I would imagine more moisture would be welcomed especially because the area had more of a melt earlier on."

An expected system is moving into the province beginning Friday and into Saturday hopefully bringing with it a few more millimeters of rain to help current conditions. The wind is also expected to be prominent. 

Before the rain is expected to start, the West Central region will experience a significant increase in temperature Friday before dipping back to average.

"It will form in Northern Alberta and we'll see the winds come around from the south. Of course south winds are always very warms winds and that's where those really warm temperatures are coming from because that weather system is way to the north and it looks like its going to go through northern Saskatchewan. When that happens we tend to get what we call the warm sector, which is the the warmest part of the weather system when these south and southwesterly winds can really pump up that warm air from the south."

Beginning Sunday, below seasonal temperatures will settle in and remain in the West Central area for the duration of next week.