The third week of June started off with a very welcome sight for many in West Central Saskatchewan. Rain, and a good amount of it fell throughout the day Monday to help with the drought-like conditions affecting the region. 

Kindersley saw 19.7 millimeters of rain fall which brings its monthly total to 30.3mm. Rosetown had more than double the amount of rain fall. 47.8 mm of rain was recorded bringing its monthly total to 55.2mm. 

The average amount of rain for the West Central region in June is 67 millimeters.  

Another system is expected to impact the area on Wednesday according to Terri Lang, Meteorologist for Environment Canada. 

“This weather system that's coming through, it's the same weather system that's in Alberta. It's going to start moving into central Saskatchewan more in the overnight period. Rainfall amounts are going to be highly variable again, but probably into the 30-millimeter range. The other significant thing to highlight for tomorrow is we're going to get some really strong winds.” 

Wind gusts up to 80 or 90km/hr are expected. High wind gusts can cause property damage and can damage building roofs, and windows. High winds may toss loose objects or cause tree branches to break. 

Conditions will improve as we move into Thursday with the sunshine returning.