The mural on Railway Ave in Kindersley has been completed. A vibrant work of art that adds a slash of summer colour to people passing by. It has been in the works for nearly a year artist Jade Prior tells me.  Commissioned by Crafted Hand, work on the piece started on Friday July 5th and was completed earlier this week. Jade the heat "Was pretty brutal" So she shifted to working more in the evenings rather than under the blasting sun.

She was happy she could book time off to complete this project in her home town.  The project was supported by Crafted hand, Jen Ginther and Pat Holland.  Jade was also supported by her mother by her side as she worked on the project

Jade says "It was a super, super awesome project to do", and she is so happy she got to do it

Jade Artist

Jade sends a special thanks to the Crafted Hand, Jen Ginther, her mom and Pat and Deb Holland for the support of the project

Jade Prior Mural