In case you missed it, there was an attempt at a world record just south of Swift Current over the weekend.

Organizers over at Lac Pelletier came up with the idea months ago, and finally, all the planning, preparations, precautions, professionals, and people all came together on Saturday.

The world record they were attempting was the "longest line of inflatables". Previously, the record was 215.10 metres. This attempt, if ruled valid, would bring it up to 300 metres of inflated water buoyancy devices being ridden in a row.

Susan Mouland and her daughter Kelsey Mouland were at the event, with Susan participating in the actual record attempt.

"It was really good," said Susan. "Everybody was pretty excited. You were meeting your neighbour because you were going to hold their hand in a few minutes and it was awesome to be there."

Line up with inflatablesSusan Mouland with her trusty inflatable blue chair.

Susan was equipped with a blue inflatable chair that she rode into history during the attempt.

The attempt itself last maybe five minutes. Folks got into the water, and lined up on their inflatables, holding a rope to help everyone stay in a line. There were seadoos helping to get everyone in position, and lots of spectators on the beach watching.

Once the attempt began, they shot some videos with a drone for officials from the Guinness Book of World Records to measure and judge the attempt. After the attempt finished, it was time for the after party which went until roughly 5 p.m.

Kelsey was celebrating with her mother, enjoying the food, music and drinks available for everyone who had registered for the event.

People looking at a lakePeople watching the world record attempt in action.

"It was good," Kelsey recounted. "They had Half Peeled Beatsplaying with Todd Valley which is awesome. He was killing it. Everyone was in a great mood. 

After the families with kids headed out, that's when drinks began at their beer gardens.

"The beer garden with good music and cold drinks," remarked Kelsey. "That was fun."

As of the time, this article was written, it is unknown if their attempt was successful, as officials have to take careful measurements to ensure the validity of the record before they hand out the title.

Everyone who registered for the event was given a goodie bag, that contained a variety of beach-themed goods, like a hat, a towel and some sunscreen.

"There was one guy in a Spiderman costume that was pretty good and some great big floats," recalled Susan. "It was just a really cool experience."