After working on the new building for about a year, the new Eston Co-op Grocery Store opened to the public last Thursday. Operations Manager with Central Plains Co-op Gord Van Kannel said everything is pretty much done at the new location. 

“We've got a little bit of tweaking left to do, but the doors are open, and certainly a lot of really good feedback from our customers. It’s a beautiful facility.” 

The new grocery store opened pretty much right on time according to Van Kannel, as they were hoping to open the doors a week or so before the Easter weekend. 

“We didn't want to open the week of Easter because there's just way too much going on, so we're hoping that a week before. So, we pretty much got it right on,” Van Kannel said. 

Van Kannel has been at the new location pretty much every day the last two weeks overseeing the completion of the new Co-op. 

“I’ve been in Eston for about the last two weeks. It's busy, but it just gets busier this time of year as well,” Van Kannel said. 

This store has been a long time coming for the community, and Van Kannel is really happy Central Plains Co-op got this built in the Town of Eston.  

“I think it's just expanded offerings in some of our areas. Of course, bringing everything under one roof is a lot more convenient for our customers. Expanded areas and things like our meat offering, produce offering, liquor offering and fresher offering in our C store sides. All around a nice bright new shopping experience for our members,” Van Kannel added. 

New Eston Co-op 2