The Calcutta shootout for the Kindersley Jr. Klippers was held over the weekend, and a mystery shooter with tons of hockey experience took the shot. It was non-other than new Klippers Marketing Manager Nicki Robinson. She explains what happened in the shootout. 

Nicki Robinson in Calcutta shootout 2New Jr. Klippers Marketing Manager Nicki Robinson was the Calcutta Shootout mystery shooter and has an extensive hockey background. 

“Do you know what I think we should have done? I think we should have flooded the ice. That was a little bit interesting for a shootout. I know the puck popped off the sticks of a couple guys. So, that was unfortunate, but you know what, our goalies are good. I haven’t been able to practice the shootout, I've been on the ice once this year. I didn't think I had a great chance of scoring. But you never know when a shootout, right?” 

Robinson has an extensive background in hockey, including playing CIS hockey at U of S, and then some more college hockey at SAIT in Calgary before heading overseas to play in Australia, which she said was a unique experience. 

“It was interesting, hockey down under is a different story. The ice can be very soft, we played in their summer too. So, it was like plus 40 out some weeks we played in the rink it was like plus 20 in the rink Sometimes. Their compressors down there about 10 times the size of here. Most of the rinks are for public skating, so they had a lot of nets, not all the rinks had glass. They would have those makeshift nets down for games instead of glass, even on the end sometimes and facilities were interesting.” 

As for the new position, Robinson is settling in quite nicely. “I’m enjoying it. It’s a challenge for me but I’m familiar with the hockey world,” she added. 

The Jr. Klippers start a five game in six days road trip tonight against the Yorkton Terriers at 7:00 pm, with the Murlin Electronics pregame show beginning at 6:45 pm.