Sometimes the heat can be too much, and fans only make it feel like you are cooling off with a hairdryer.

Luckily, really crafty people out there have some weird and wonderful ways to beat the heat without having to take a loan out.

Put ice in front or behind a fan

It may sound like a primitive way of doing things, but a couple of small water bottles filled up and frozen can make a quick and dirty way to cool right off.

Build an air conditioner with a couple of tools and parts

Some people are one lab accident away from being a supervillain; luckily for us, they use this power for good and not evil. This thing runs on the same principle as the fan and ice but is more engineered and efficient.

Sleep with a damp towel over you

This may be a bit of a mess and uncomfortable, but science has our back on this. When water evaporates, it creates a cooling effect. It might not be a permanent fix, but it will help.

Avoid using the stove

You would be surprised how much heat is produced from a stove when cooking. Sandwiches, salads, cereals, and any other substitute for using the oven will be with you rather than against you.

Cool your wrists and/or neck

Something my dad used to do while long-haul truck driving is putting a wet, cool towel or something similar on your neck. On your wrists works just as well. The aim is to cool down your arteries that are carrying the bulk of your blood around your body. Think of it like setting up a radiator for your body. A bonus is that it helps wake you up as well.

Finally, make sure you check up on neighbors and friends, especially ones that might need a little extra hand. It can be surprising how dangerous heat can be during heat waves like this.

So cool, stay safe. And remember, in just a few short months, we will be back to the other side of the spectrum of temperature.