MLA for Biggar-Sask Valley, and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan Randy Weekes dropped into the WestCentralOnline office last week to give a quick update from 2405 Legislative Drive in Regina.

Topics on Weekes' list included the Carbon Tax Fairness for Families Act, a related petition, the opening of new childcare spaces in the province, and a shoutout to Kindersley MLA Ken Francis. 

A hot topic here in Saskatchewan has been collecting carbon tax on home heating, since Premier Scott Moe called out the federal government after their decision to exempt home heating oil out east. New legislation announced last week by Minister Dustin Duncan that will see SaskEnergy not collect the carbon tax.

"The act is to protect Saskatchewan families from the unfair and unaffordable federal carbon tax." said Weekes. "This is just another step along the way that our government is resisting the overreach of the federal Liberals, and what they are trying to really ram down western Canadians throats on the whole carbon tax issue."

After sharing those comments, Weekes wanted to share a petition relating to the subject.

"Our government members have circulated this petition, I am doing that online as well as in the mail." stated Weekes. 


This petition can be saved and mailed to Randy Weekes at the address below. It can also be sent by email to

Moving into some general comments on the economy, including that Saskatchewan's growing economy saw a GDP increase of 6%, Weekes believes Saskatchewan is on the right track when it comes to employment and job creation. That growing economy is a main reason Saskatchewan was able to open 2,349 new regulated childcare spaces in the province.

"That is something that we hear as MLA's, that there is a shortage of daycare." said Weekes. "This is a big step in addressing the shortage of childcare spaces."

Those topics have all had their time in the Legislative Assembly. Another thing from the Legislative Chamber Weekes wanted to share had to do with Kindersley MLA Ken Francis. Francis announced back at the end of May that he would be not be seeking re-election in the 2024 Provincial Election.

Still colleagues until the writ drops next October, Weekes wanted to give this shoutout to his fellow west-central Saskatchewan MLA. 

"I want to give him a big bouquet. Ken Francis, among his other duties as the MLA for Kindersley, was also appointed by the Premier as the Vice-President on PNWER (Pacific NorthWest Economic Region) and Ken has had that position for some time."

The government recently hosted a seminar with PNWER representatives. Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories are the Canadian members, and Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana make up the others.

"It's a very important organization that we belong to, and Ken's done a great job as Vice-President," said Weekes. "As I said, a big bouquet to Ken for doing a very professional and very important job representing Saskatchewan on the executive of PNWER."

Anyone who wants to further discuss these issues and any others can contact, or his constituency office email at

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