SGI released the numbers from their traffic safety spotlight in March late last week. The focus last month was on speeding. 

In all, there were 5,023 tickets issued by law enforcement throughout the province for speeding offences. This included 285 tickets for speeding in a school zone, 220 tickets for exceeding 60 km/h when passing a stopped emergency vehicle with lights activated, 96 tickets for going over 60 km/h in a work zone, and 190 tickets for exceeding the speed limit by 35 km/h. There were another 25 tickets for exceeding the limit by 50 km/h, which results in a seven-day vehicle impoundment as well, and 14 tickets for racing, which results in a 30-day vehicle impoundment.  

Speeding tickets weren’t the only tickets issued in March. Police in Saskatchewan also issued 285 tickets for seatbelts and child restraints not being used correctly, or not being used at all, and 363 tickets for using cell phones behind the wheel. There were 358 impaired driving offences, which resulted in 258 Criminal Code charges for impaired driving.  

The number of drivers ticketed for speeding and aggressive driving was down substantially from April of last year when the spotlight was also on speeding. That month, there were 7,165 speeding tickets issued.  

This April, the traffic safety spotlight has been on unregistered vehicles and suspended drivers. The results from the month will be released in May.