The Town of Kindersley declared June Parks and Recreation Month at the last regular meeting of Town Council.

The initiative is a Province and Nation Wide event for June, that will be recognized annually and celebrate the benefits from quality public and private recreation and park resources.

West Central Online Spoke to Tim Hanna Director of Community Services about the focus for the month.

"It's an opportunity for us to remind our community of the importance of parks and recreation and encourage people to get out and enjoy those programs and facilities that are available."

Residents of West Central Saskatchewan should be on the look-out for events during the month of June dedicated to parks and recreation.  Including June 24th at Kinsmen Park, where a fundraiser for Friend's of Kinsmen Park will take place. 

Chelsea Clappison Recreation Clerk for the Town of Kindersley explained to West Central Online about the highlights for the events.

"Just a celebration of the community, enhancing quality of life, active living, and long time learning throughout the community."

Along with many of Kindersley's parks Tim Hanna also invited residents to enjoy the 3 km Motherwell Walking Trail.

"The Motherwell trail is a very popular site.  So spend an even or two and walk the trail.  It's a wonderful opportunity to enjoy our community, enjoy the natural environment of the Motherwell, and get some exercise." 

For more information on Kindersley's Parks and Recreation head to their website at: