"A car safety kit can come in handy during the winter" is the usual message when we get to this time of year, and last year especially reminded many people of how dangerous things can get when a blizzard or other extreme winter weather hits the region.

News has already been made too many times this year about someone leaving their vehicle in less than favourable conditions, meaning it's time for the annual reminder of what you and your vehicle need in the case of a stoppage on the side of the road for whatever reason.

As noted in the caption above booster cables are some of the most important things to have on hand.

With more information on just what belongs, we talked to Detachment Commander for the Kindersley RCMP Kevin Peterson.

"One thing we like to remind every year is to just be prepared. Have some extra warm clothing in your vehicle. Candles, matches, snacks; because you never know, we have had a couple of bad blizzards the last couple years," said Peterson as these tools are things that can help someone avoid being caught off guard. He continued, "Booster cables, tow ropes, chains for your tires, anything. Sand, or kitty litter if you get stuck on an icy patch."

It's important to remain calm, as the most important tip is stay safe.

"If you do have the unfortunate incident where you are stuck in the car in a blizzard, don't leave your vehicle. Turn your vehicle on periodically to warm up, but certainly try to conserve fuel because you don't know how long you will be stuck. And make sure your tail pipe remains clear of any ice or snow. You don't want to get tagged with any carbon monoxide that could potentially seep into your vehicle."

Those are Peterson's tips for this year, as more are available through the link above, and you should always remember to check the Highway Hotline before heading out.